UCL Centre for the Forensic Sciences



Bayesian approaches

Our research into the use of forensic evidence in an investigative and court context aims to improve the understanding of the value of forensic evidence for reconstruction and decision making purposes. Recent research in the forensic sciences has improved the search, recovery and analysis of evidence. This research has contributed to the creation of a knowledge-based framework for various types of forensic evidence. However, because uncertainty is a pervasive problem in such situations, the results of forensic analyses are often not sufficient to support propositions in court. 

Current research

  • Applying Bayesian networks into the interpretation of forensic trace evidence. 

Research projects

  • The use of Bayesian networks to develop frameworks for the interpretation and presentation of forensic networks.
  • The role of forensic science research and the usability of forensic evidence.


Dagmar Heinrich
Nadine Smit
Dr Ruth Morgan
Professor Norman Fenton
Dr Dave Lagnado
Professor Nick Tilley