Forms (relating to Expenditure)


N.B. If you are submitting an exception form for processing please email your submission to accountspayable@ucl.ac.uk and use the subject line 'Expenses exception form’ exactly as quoted (it is case sensitive). This will allow for these exception submissions to be identified and picked up and processed efficiently.

N.B. All staff should claim expenses via iExpenses (MyFinance)




How to obtain hard copy forms

The following Financial forms can be collected from the Accounts Payable team (part of the PS Hub), located on the ground floor of 1 St. Martin's Le Grand:

  • Purchase Order
  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Credit Note
  • IDTU
  • Expense Payment & Travel Expense
  • Receipts Forms, Batch Control
  • Purchase Invoice & Credit Note Labels
  • Receipt Books

The following forms can be sent via the internal post:

  • Expense Payment & Travel Expense
  • Purchase Invoice & Credit Note Labels
  • Batch Control.

All other forms must be signed for and must be collected in person.

The Accounts Payable office hours are: Monday to Thursday, 8.50am-5.10pm, Friday 8.50am-5pm.

For further information please contact Accounts Payable on: 020 3108 8769