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Our vision is to provide a professional and high-quality service delivered through supported and enabled staff who add value to the academic mission.

Finance is part of the Finance & Business Affairs division along with the Procurement Services and Research Services departments; together we form part of UCL's Professional Services. To learn more about the finance function please see our About Us page.

This website focuses on providing financial information, and provides links to other relevant sites that link in with finance processes.

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Receiving Money

Income | Sales Invoicing | Credit Approval | Donations & Sponsorships | Customers | VAT | Forms

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Spending Money

Purchasing Guidance & Processes | Payment Cycles | UCL Credit Cards | Suppliers | VAT | Forms

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Expenses & Insurance

Expenses | Advances - foreign & research | Insurance | Travel Advice | Guidance | Related Policies | Forms

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Finance Systems

Set-up information | Help with MyFinance | PTAE information

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Upcoming events | Downloadable training materials & videos | FBA Training Board | Project Code Validator | System updates

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Policies & Corporate Info

A-Z of Policies | Consultancy | Financial Statements | Charitable Status | UCL VAT Number

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