UCL European & International Social & Political Studies



Procedure for 2021 Entry

  • Applications should be made through UCAS
    • Please note that we are unable to accept internal applications via C2RS
  • There is a two-stage selection process for this degree programme. The first stage is based on your UCAS form, which we use to select candidates for the second stage, which involves taking our online Thinking Skills Test (TST). A limited number of exceptional candidates may be given an offer on the basis of their UCAS form alone, during the first stage of selection.

In the 'Choices' section of the UCAS form, under 'Further Details' indicate clearly:

  • Your major language choice

It is not necessary to indicate the minor language at this stage. You may indicate the humanities or social science subject in which you propose to specialise.

You may not apply for the language in which you have completed most of your schooling, or for English. Applicants with native or near-native fluency in a language must not study that language as their major language.

Your application must include predicted grades supplied by your teachers. If you are not taking A levels this information should consist of both an overall grade and a breakdown of grades for the individual subjects being taken. Past performance in the form of achieved grades in preceding years should also be stated. If predicted grades cannot be provided, as a minimum we require a transcript for the last two years.

Students from the EU, EEA and Switzerland who start their programme of study in 2021 or later will no longer be eligible for the UK (Home) fee status and will pay fees at the Overseas rate. For more information, please see the tuition fees page on UK/EU students' fees.

Please find on this webpage a tool to find scholarships: Scholarship Finder

How to apply

About the EISPS Admissions Day

If you meet (or are expected to meet) our entry criteria you will receive an email inviting you to an online EISPS Admissions day, which you will be expected to attend. Applicants taking a gap year are also expected to attend an Admissions Day.

The Admissions Day provides an opportunity for you to find out more about the structure of the degree programme and meet academic staff and current students. You can read more about the programme for the day here:

EISPS Admissions Days in 2022-23 will take place from 13:00 - 16:00 on:

  • Wednesday TBA January
  • Wednesday TBA March

The Thinking Skills Test (TST)

In addition to attending an EISPS Admissions Day, you will be required to sit the online UCL Thinking Skills Test (TST), which is the same format as the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) from Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing. As mentioned above, a limited number of exceptional candidates may be given an offer on the basis of their UCAS form alone, during the first stage of selection. There will be two sittings of the online test - one in January and one in March - and you will be required to register for one of these:

TBA January 2023

TBA March 2023

Entry Qualifications

Average points score for the most common EISPS entry qualifications in recent years.

IB Diploma4241
French Baccalaureate17.517.41
European Baccalaureate88.71-