UCL European & International Social & Political Studies


One Major and One Minor Language

Current Students: please refer to the latest Module Choice Guide for the most up to date information. You can find it in the EISPS Student Handbook on Moodle. 

​​​​​​​Year One

  • 30 credits ESPS Core Course (ESPS0001)
  • 45 credits Major Language
  • 30 credits Minor Language
  • 15 credits additional option (language or specialism)

Year Two

  • 30 credits language level
  • 15 credits language culture


  • 30 credits in minor language
  • 45 credits in area of specialism


  • 15 credits in minor language
  • 60 credits in area of specialism
  • 15 additional credits

Year Three

Year abroad

Final Year

  • 30 credits for your major language (15 for German, Russian, and French)
  • 30 credits for your ESPS Dissertation (ESPS0029)
  • 60 credits for your chosen specialism(s) (75 for some languages)

The minor language needs to be discontinued in your fourth year.


  • An A grade at A level (or equivalent qualification) in the appropriate language is required for students wishing to major in French or Spanish.
  • Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese and Mandarin are offered as major languages with no prior knowledge.
  • French and Spanish can be taken as minor languages ab initio in the CLIE, or post-A level or equivalent in SELCS.
  • A humanities or social science subject is not taken until the second year on the 'one major and one minor language' route.
  • The minor language is discontinued in the final year. It does not affect your year abroad destination.
  • You cannot take more than 150 credits at Level 4 across the four years of the programme. You must take at least 90 credits at Level 6 by the end of the programme.