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EI Brexit Commentary on BBC News and Sky News

21 November 2018


Ronan McCrea, Professor of Constitutional and European Law and Fellow of the European Institute, was interviewed on Sky News on 14 November to discuss the EU's perspective on the Brexit deal. He argued that the EU would not be willing to renegotiate the deal, and that the fundamental choice on offer for the UK is between a pointless Brexit and an economically catastrophic Brexit.

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Professor McCrea also wrote an op ed for the Financial Times on 2 November, in which he argued that Britain and Ireland fundamentally misunderstand each other on Brexit.

Oliver Patel, Research Associate at the UCL European Institute, was interviewed on BBC News on 16 November to discuss the draft withdrawal agreement. Focusing on the Irish border backstop, he argued that no matter who the Prime Minister was, the EU would not accept a deal which didn't contain a backstop similar in nature to the one that had been agreed. He also claimed that the backstop will probably end up being the basis for the future relationship.

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Oliver Patel was also interviewed on Euronews on 16 November, where he discussed the prospects for a second Brexit referendum. 

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