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Oliver Patel



Institute Manager & Research Associate

LinkedIn profile

Oliver is the Manager of the UCL European Institute, with responsibility for finance, digital communications and HR. He also manages the Institute's events programme and policy engagement activites, and coordinates UCL's academic response to Brexit. 

Oliver also works as a Research Associate and is an experienced writer, public speaker and media commentator. He publishes widely on both Brexit and tech policy. 

Areas of expertise

  • Brexit
  • Article 50 withdrawal process
  • UK/EU politics 
  • EU data protection law and policy
  • Cross-border data flows 
  • Tech policy 

A frequent media commentator, Oliver has appeared on BBC News, BBC Radio 4, Sky News, CNN, 5 News and France24. His research has been featured in The Guardian, The New York Times, The Financial Times, Washington Post, Al Jazeera and many more outlets. He has given guest lectures and presentations for many public and private sector organisations, such as Royal Mail, the University of Notre Dame, LSE and the House of Commons. 

Previously, Oliver worked as a Research Assistant at the UCL Constitution Unit, where he co-authored a series of papers on the constitutional implications of Brexit. He has also worked in the parliamentary office of Chuka Umunna MP and in Nesta's policy and research team, focusing on innovation policy. Oliver holds an MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy (distinction) from LSE and a BA in Politics and East European Studies from UCL.

Selected Publications

EU-UK Data Flows, Brexit and No-Deal: Adequacy or Disarray? - UCL European Institute
(featured in this Guardian article, in WIRED, and on BBC Radio 4 PM interview)

With no-deal looming, it's highly unlikely the EU will refuse an Article 50 extension - Huffington Post

Extending Article 50: Legal and Political Considerations - UCL European Institute

Brexit: is it possible to stop it? - The Conversation

The EU and the Brexit Negotiations: Institutions, Strategies and Objectives - UCL European Institute

The EU's negotiating strategy has worked so far, but it's playing a risky game - UCL Brexit Blog

Despite the obstacles, here's why a Brexit deal is still on the cards - Huffington Post

Brexit Transitional Arrangements: Legal and Political Considerations - UCL European Institute 

Theresa May is closer to a transitional deal than you might think - The Guardian

Now that Article 50 has been triggered, reality will start to bite - UCL Brexit Blog

What will Brexit mean for London's tech industry and digital entrepreneurs? - OpenDemocracy

Brexit: Constitutional and Legal Requirements - UCL Public Policy

Brexit: The Consequences for Other EU Member States - UCL Constitution Unit 

Brexit: The Consequences for the EU's Political System - UCL Constitution Unit 

The Constitutional Consequences of Brexit: Whitehall and Westminster - UCL Constitution Unit


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