Information for Contractors

If you are a contractor or a consultant at UCL, the information below will help you to undertake your work in accordance with our standards and requirements.

UCL Covid Guidance

To find the latest information for keeping safe on campus please visit https://www.ucl.ac.uk/coronavirus/keeping-safe-campus

Contractor Inductions

All contractor inductions should be completed via the Verature system. Email estatescompliance@ucl.ac.uk and request an induction link to be emailed and the individual will be added to the UCL security systems. 

Employer's requirements

If you are a company tendering for future work at UCL Estates, as a contractor, consultants or designer or if you have been successful in your bid to secure a contract with UCL Estates, there is information you will need to be familiar with before works start. This will ensure UCL site hazards and our requirements are considered during the design process and taken into account in the preparation of suitable risk assessment and method statements to manage the risks.

Employer's requirements

Logistics information

UCL has now centralised its Logistics to manage and administer construction and maintenance related deliveries and logistics services to UCL projects within the Bloomsbury Central Campus Area. For any queries please email Logistics@ucl.ac.uk

Fire plans and documentation

Check the fire safety documents relevant to your building on UCL's Safety Services website.
Please contact fire@ucl.ac.uk if you need fire safety documentation.

Visit Safety Services

Hi-vis Transforming UCL graphics

Please contact your unique project officer for an EPS file to send to your garment provider. 

UCL Estates High Viz graphic for designers