UCL Data Collection Form

The UCL asset collection sheet contains all the information need to conduct and record a full asset survey.

There are for section to the document that must be used in order for the asset collection survey to be recorded correctly.

1) Definition of an asset

This sheet gives guidance on what is considered an asset and which assets require labelling. It also distinguishes between assets that require one asset label per item and asset that only require one label per system. This sheet should be referred to when carrying out the initial asset survey.

2) Field definition

The field definition sheet offers explanations of each of the different sections in the Data collection sheet. It identifies that type of data that should be entered into each column (eg date, free text) and it also identifies which of the columns are drop down lists. This page should be read and understood before attempting to populate the Data collection sheet.

3) Data collection sheet

 All fields must be completed where possible. The data collection sheet must be populated with the asset information collected. The fields highlighted in Green are drop down lists. In order to be completed correctly, the following drop down lists must be completed in a specific order:

  • 1st Element and/or System
  • 2nd Sub-Element
  • 3rd Component

Guidance on populating these columns can be found in the System definitions sheet.

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Last updated: Friday, May 26, 2017