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What are the course dates?

The course is running online in January 2021. Each session consists of two half days (Thursday's 10am-1pm). The dates are:

Session 1 14th and 21st Jan, Session 2 28th Jan and 4th Feb, Session 3 11th and 25th Feb, Session 4 4th and 11th March and Session 5 18th and 25th March

 You can register your interest by contacting our administrator Lynda Russell-Whitaker l.russell-whitaker@ucl.ac.uk

How can I enrol for this course?

By contacted our administrator Lynda Russell-Whitaker l.russell-whitaker@ucl.ac.uk

Do you offer any scholarships, bursaries or other financial assistance?

We offer a discount to those booking all 5 sessions of the course. No other financial assitance is offered currently.

How is the course in November 2019 different from the course that runs in January 2020?

The course in November 2019 will on run on five consecutive days whereas the course in January will consist of six fortnightly sessions (one session every two weeks). The course content will still be the same, but the short course in November will not include the final session - 'Writing Qualitative Research'. If you wish to take the writing session, then this will occur on 6th December 2019

Given that the course in November 2019 is only five days, the price for the entire course (£1150) is less than the price for the entire January 2020 course (£1300), which includes six sessions.

Do I have to attend all days?

It is not compulsory to book all days, although we do recommend people attend the entire course. There is also a reduced price if you attend all days.

By attending all days of the course you will:

• gain a clearer understanding of the principles of qualitative research

• practise key skills including interviewing, running a focus group, data analysis and developing and presenting a research protocol

Of course, if there is a specific area that you would like to focus on or if you have already attended some of the sessions before, you can also book particular days individually.

Will there be certificates awarded at the end of the course?

 Yes, we can provide certificates at the end of the course and they can be emailed to you if you would like them.

I am enrolled on an MSc qualification at UCL - will the course count towards my qualification?

Unfortunately, the courses for 2021 will not be counting towards an MSc qualification and we can not offer any credits this year.

How will the course be assessed (for MSc students taking the January 2020 course)?

Unfortunately, the courses for 2019/20 will not be counting towards an MSc qualification and we can not offer any credits this year.

How many participants will there be in each session?

There are usually up to 18 participants in each session - although for some sessions there are fewer.

What do I need to bring for the course?

 All materials for the course are provided via our online learning platform (Moodle).

Where will the course take place?


Due to the current situation, the course will be held online this year.

What is included in the cost of the programme?

 The fee covers the cost of tuition and course materials.

Will there be food and refreshments provided during the day?

 As the course is online this year, refeshments will not be provided

Do you provide accommodation?

Unfortunately we cannot provide accommodation for participants. You will need to arrange your own accommodation if necessary.

Participants may want to consider 'Airbnb' - as it is often possible to find good accommodation at a reasonable price. It should be noted that Hampstead Heath can be expensive, so you may want to widen your search, for example, to Kentish Town West (or another town near the over-ground train services). Here prices are around £40/50 a night.

What if I am unable to get a place on the course in January 2021?

 There is very high demand for our Qualitative Research Methods courses, so we cannot guarantee everyone a place. However, there will be more courses running later in the year. Our adminstrator will put your details on a reserve list and contact you when the next course opens for registration.

I have a disability - how do I notify you?

 If you have a disability you can notify us via e-mail Lynda Russell-Whitaker l.russell-whitaker@ucl.ac.uk) and we will accommodate for your needs as best as possible.

Is this course only available for UCL/PCPH students?

 No, the course is available for anyone (above bachelor degree level) interested in qualitative research.

What do I need to do to prepare for the course?

 There is about an hour of reading required in advance of each day course, to help participants get the most out of the course.

Can I attend if I've already attended a previous Qualitative Research Methods in Health course at UCL?

Yes, however, some of the content may be the same. It is also possible to book in for specific days - so if you, for example, only attended the session on 'Qualitative Interviewing' last time then you could book in for other sessions such as 'Qualitative Data Analysis' this time.

What should I do if I'm late; have to leave early or miss a day?

The course teaching is carefully planned, and works best if students are present for the whole session. If you have reasons for arriving late or leaving early, do please let the tutors know.  Similarly if you have to miss a day, do try to let the tutors know in advance.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations must be received in writing at least two weeks before the start of the event and will be subject to an administration charge of 20% of the course fee. Unfortunately, no refunds will be made within two weeks of the course date. Any refund will be made by UCL to you within 30 days of your cancellation and be paid to you in the same way as you paid for your order.

PCPH Events reserves the right to cancel any conference it deems necessary and will, in such event, make a full refund of the registration fee only. PCPH Events will not be liable for any additional incurred costs (including but not limited to travel, accommodation, visa, etc.).

Bespoke Short Courses

We are able to offer customised and bespoke short courses for qualitative research methods. For information on fees and further details please contact us. 

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