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Qualitative Research Methods in Health Course

This Qualitative Research Methods in Health course aims to equip delegates with the knowledge and skills to understand, design and conduct high quality qualitative research. 

By attending all five sessions you will gain a clear understanding of the principles of qualitative research as well as practising skills including interviewing, running a focus group, data analysis and developing and presenting a research protocol.

There is about an hour of reading required in advance of each day course, to help delegates get the most out of the course.  As far as possible, the day is tailored to the research that participants are planning/conducting at the time of the course.  

The course will commence on Thursday 14th January and each session will run for two concurrent weeks at half days (10:00-13:00). The course will be run virtually with a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous content, with a break for half term week (Thursday 18th February). 

Course outline

Day 1: Understanding Qualitative Research Methods  (14 + 21 Jan 2021)

Day 2: Qualitative Interviewing - Theory and Practice (28 Jan + 04 Feb 2021) 

Day 3: Focus Groups in Qualitative Research – Theory and Practice (11 + 25 Feb 2021) 

Day 4: Qualitative Data Analysis  (04 + 11 March 2021)

Day 5: Designing a Qualitative Study (18 + 25 March 2021) 

You can attend all course (at a reduced rate) or book specific days individually. However, please be advised that the sessions are designed to be taken together as each session feeds into the next and so priority is given to students applying for all sessions. 



"Very useful and very very interesting" - PhD student (2019)

"Everything I wanted/needed to learn was covered today" - PhD Student (2019)

"I have a more clear understanding of the basics of qual methods, terminology and ways it may fit into my own research" - Researcher (2019)

"Really good! I felt we could talk about all our experiences and doubts.  It was good get feedback and answers for my project and I also learned from other." PhD student (2017)

"Excellent introduction, I feel much more confident to start interviewing now." - Academic Clinical Fellow (2016)

"The role play was very valuable being interviewer, interviewee and observer, this gave me important insights in what works well and what to avoid. The sharing of experience with other people on the course is very motivating for me." - Research Nurse (2014)

For any questions about the course please see our FAQs page (link)


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These sessions are for Masters level students, PhD students and research staff to acquire the knowledge and skills to design and conduct good quality qualitative research. No previous experience of qualitative research is necessary, but it is essential to read the recommended papers in advance.

Further Information

For queries about the course content, please contact Dr Fiona Stevenson and Dr Julia Bailey.

To register or for administrative queries, please contact Amy Kerin on a.kerin@ucl.ac.uk