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Recent Publications

McDonagh, L., Blomquist, P., Wayal, S., Cochrane, S., Calliste, J., Cassell, J., & Edelman, N. (2019). Collaborative and consultative patient and public involvement in sexual health research: Lessons learned from four case studies. Sexually Transmitted Infections.

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Bailey, J., Webster, R., Hunter, R., Freemantle, N., Rait, G., Michie, S., Estcourt, C., Anderson, J., Gerressu, M., Stephenson, J., Ang, C., Hart, G., Dhanjal, S., & Murray, E. (2015). The Men's Safer Sex (MenSS) trial: protocol for a pilot randomised controlled trial of an interactive digital intervention to increase condom use in men. BMJ Open, 5(2), e007552. doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2014-007552

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Town, K., Ricketts, E.J., Hartney, T., Dunbar, J.K., Nardone, A., Folkard, K.A., et al. (2015). Supporting general practices to provide sexual and reproductive health services: protocol for the 3Cs & HIV programme. Public Health, 44, 1-7.

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