Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Healthcare interactions

  • “Conversations about self-management and diabetes (CASMAD)” study. This project is looking at how issues of diabetes self-management and diabetes education are raised and responded to in GP consultations. Conversation Analysis is used to analyse audio and video data collected from GP consultations and to develop recommendations on how self-management and self-management education can be promoted to patients in healthcare settings. This project is led by Jamie Ross and Fiona Stevenson and funded by the NIHR School of Primary Care Research.


  • “Communication about tests and referral to investigate causes of ill health (CATRIC)”. This project involves conversation analysis of existing consultations in general practice about direct access tests and referral for cancer investigation alongside interviews with relevant stakeholders.

The project is led from Southampton, with Fiona Stevenson providing data and methodological expertise. The project is funded by Cancer Research UK.