Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Centre for Excellence in Qualitative Health Research and Teaching

A virtual group of experts in qualitative research

We are experienced researchers with expertise in a broad range of qualitative research methods, working across different research groups within the Department of Primary Care and Population Health. We undertake qualitative research in a wide range of areas of health and healthcare such as dementia, ageing, eHealth, sexual health, mental health and healthcare professional–patient communication. 


Our work includes research into patient experiences of illness, healthcare and practice, studies connected to randomised trials (such as process evaluations), studies to inform intervention and technology development, systematic reviews, and work to implement research findings into practice.

Methodological expertise in the group includes interview and focus group techniques, ethnographic methods and a wide range of expertise in different forms of data analysis including conversation analysis. Our research also draws on theory and practice from social science to deliver theoretically informed insight into meanings, context and complexity of health and healthcare.

Several members of the Centre for Excellence in Qualitative Health Research and Teaching offer specialist qualitative advice via the NIHR Research Design Service for North London.


We take pride in providing thoughtful supervision to PhD, MSc, and undergraduate students as well as clinical academic fellows. We deliver training and professional development to postgraduate students, and to academic and clinical colleagues. 

We run the very popular Qualitative Research Methods in Health course  twice a year, offering excellent quality teaching to develop students’ qualitative research skills.