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Medical Education People

Dr Sophie ParkSenior Clinical Lecturer and Head of Unitsophie.park@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Will CoppolaSenior Clinical Lecturer w.coppola@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Melvyn JonesSenior Clinical Lecturer melvyn.jones@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Joe RosenthalSenior Clinical Lecturer 


Dr Surinder SinghSenior Clinical Lecturer 


Vitor BarretoPhD Studentvitor.barreto.13@ucl.ac.uk
Ruth Abrams  r.abrams@ucl.ac.uk









Junior clinical academic medical education team

Neelam Parmar                                                                       neelam.parmar@ucl.ac.uk

Kingshuk Pal                                                                            k.pal@ucl.ac.uk

Henry Goodfellow                                                                   henry.goodfellow.12@ucl.ac.uk

Madeleine Foster                                                                    madeleine.foster.16@ucl.ac.uk

Shoba Poduval                                                                        s.poduval@ucl.ac.uk

Current doctoral students:

  1. Nur Rahman PhD (from Malaysia) - 'teaching Clinical Reasoning in Primary Care: a case study in Malaysia' (1st supervisor Sophie Park and 2nd Nathan Davies) 
  2. Alaa Alghamdi PhD (from Saudi Arabia) - 'Causal Explanations for Patient Engagement with Primary Care Services in Saudi Arabia' (1st Sophie Park, 2nd Melvyn Jones, 3rd Paula Alves
  3. Joanne Harris (EdD) - How do medical students negotiate their cultural heritage with their developing professional identity at medical school? (1st Sandra Leaton-Gray IoE and 2nd Sophie Park)
  4. Mary Chen (EdD) - New nursing graduates' transitions into professional practice: an ethnographic study using communities of practice in Singapore (1st March Newman IoE and 2nd Sophie Park)
  5. Sarah Bennett (EdD) Learning how to learn on a professional undergraduate course (1st Carol Rivas IoE and 2nd Sophie Park)
  6. Sethu Sundari (EdD) A qualitative study to identify characteristics of decision-making in nursing: novice to experience in clinical practice (1st Jeff Bezemer IoE, 2nd Nathan Davies, 3rd Sophie Park)

Pre-doctoral fellowships:

  1. Imogen Skene Clarhc-funded (completed) - examination of research ethics processes for research nurses in the A+E setting (1st Sophie Park, 2nd Nathan Davies)
  2. Current: Zana Khan NIHR in-practice fellowship - 'co-production of an educational intervention for healthcare staff to improve quality for inclusion health groups attending emergency departments' (1st Sophie Park, 2nd Andrew Hayward, 3rd Georgia Black (both latter 2 in IEHC)

Current students affiliated to the department for primary care research:

  • Juhi Rastogi NIHR SPCR summer intern
  • Josephine Elliott NIHR SPCR summer intern
  • Isis Gaspar Colado UCL Laidlaw Scholar
  • Carol Chan Acamedics
  • Jack Yuan Acamedics
  • Nathan Jeffreys (NIHR SCPR summer intern) 
  • Jessica Xie (NIHR SPCR summer intern) 
  • Jessica Timmis (previous UCL elective medical education placements) 

We have close collaborative links with a range of academic and policy organisations. Sophie Park is Chair of the SAPC Education Research Group. Joe Rosenthal is the Chair of the SAPC HOTs (Heads of Teaching).


Find out more about our Primary Care Medical Education Team scholarship here.

SPCR Summer Interns

We have two interns each year. In 2018, Nathan Jeffreys and Jessica Xie undertook projects about supporting medical student mental health (Nathan e.g. including SPCR post presentation on their website) and Jessica about culinary medicine learner needs (we have now launched the course this academic year and the BBC are soon to observe and do a press release with Rupy Culinary Medicine UK). 

In 2019, Juhi (Chair of our GP Med Soc) and Josephine Elliott were our interns. Juhi contributed to a paper about PPI in realist health care reviews and Josephine to a review of Generalism.