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The International Disability Alliance is currently recruiting for the GLAD Network manager position. Please find more information here: https://www.internationaldisabilityalliance.org/content/opportunities.

The UK charity Spirit of 2012 has announced 2 grants for researchers to study volunteering by people with disabilities alongside non-disabled members of the community. The research is to be UK based, but applicants do not have to be based in UK:  https://spiritof2012.org.uk/incubation-funding-inclusive-volunteering

The 20th Annual Meeting of the Washington Group on Disability Statistics. 22-24 September, 2020. The Centre helped organize the meeting to discuss the progress and goals of the Washington Group. Recordings of the meeting are available here

We are delighted to share that former PhD student Mitchel Chatukuta has recently published his thesis on road traffic accidents in Namibia titled "Road traffic injuries in Namibia: health services, public health and the motor vehicle accident fund." Please find the the reference on our Publications page. 

We are very pleased to announce that our recent MSc student Dr Aya Yumino has been awarded The Dr Gilian Stoltman and Dr Joseph Stoltman Prize by UCL’s Social Epidemiology programme for her MSc thesis entitled "Barriers to healthcare for people with disabilities." Dr Yumino worked on her thesis under the supervision of Professor Groce and Dr Mark Carew. Dr Yumino has begun working towards her PhD in the Department of Community and Global Health at the University of Tokyo, and we wish her continuing success.

Opportunities and Funding: Over the past six months, many organisations, advocacy groups and academic projects have had to close or reduce staff due to decreased funding.  Over the coming months, we will post as many opportunities as we come across that are relevant to the global disability and development community in an effort to help colleagues and students locate professional opportunities.  Please watch our Twitter feeds for up-to-date information. 

Beyond Boundaries: Realizing the UN Sustainable Development Goals’. 19-29 October, 2020. Dr. Nora Groce will be participating in UCL’s upcoming global virtual conference. Information can be found here

Global Disability Innovation Hub hosting a live webinar series. Webinars and information can be found here

New call for papers for a Special Issue of the journal Sustainability. Information can be found here

New Publications 

Long-term outcomes for children with disability and severe acute malnutrition in Malawi. Published 7 October, 2020. Find the paper here

Using the Washington Group Tools to Assess the Impact of COVID-19 on Persons with Disability. Published 21 June, 2020. Find the paper here.

Disability, Mobility and Transport in Low- and Middle- Income Countries: A Thematic Review. Published 13 January, 2020, in The Sustainability Journal, this recent publication discusses issues affecting the transport and mobility needs of people with disabilities in low- and middle- income countries and how disability intersects iwth a range of other factors to impact transport needs, use and engagement. Find the paper here

Centre News 

Free YouTube-based Research Tool guides young scholars through the process of writing and submitting publications to academic journals. Professor Leslie Swartz, Stellenbosch University, South Africa, provides an overview as well as useful points and tips for young schoalrs from low- and middle-income countries on how to get published in academic journals. This free video series, recently published by our Centre, is intended for researchers from all disciplines and for use in classroom settings. To access the vdieo series, please click here

Congratulations to our recently-graduated UCL MSc student Dr. Aya Kania for receiving the Stollman Prize for best dissertation. For her dissertation, Dr. Kania worked with Professor Groce and Dr. Mark Carew on “Barriers to healthcare for people with disabilities in three African Countries” as part of the continuing analysis of data generated by the Centre’s DFID/ESRC funded “Bridging the Gap” study.

Dr. Mark Carew named on the 2019 Shaw Trust Powerlist of the 100 most influential disabled people in the UK. We are very proud of Honorary Research Associate Dr. Mark Carew who was recently recognised as one of the most influential disabled people in the UK because of his research on international disability issues. For more information on the Shaw Trust list, click here, and for more information on Dr. Mark Carew, please click here