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Please read this licence agreement first.
Installing the sample corpus constitutes agreement.

Sample from The British Component of The International Corpus of English

Licence agreement

In the following, “ICE-GB (Sample)” and “the Corpus” refer to “The British Component of the International Corpus of English (Sample Corpus)”, and “the Software” refers to the “International Corpus of English Corpus Utility Programme”, whole or part. By installing a distribution package on their computer the Licensee is agreeing to the terms of this licence.

The licensee in the following definition is an individual user. The Licensee is allowed to make one copy of the Corpus and Software on one computer. The licence entitles the Licensee to make personal use of the Corpus and Software. The following terms and conditions apply.

General terms and conditions

The Corpus and Software must be used for non-profit educational purposes only. The licence cannot be transferred, lent, or re-sold.

The Corpus and Software may be fully installed onto the User’s computer, by copying the relevant files from the package supplied onto the computer’s hard disk, providing that this does not infringe copyright and the terms of the licence. The User is not entitled to make copies of the Corpus or Software on other computers in breach of the licence, nor to allow unlicenced users to have access to the Corpus and Software on the User’s computer. The Corpus and Software are supplied “as-is” with no express guarantee as to its suitability.

Copyright in all ICE-GB Texts is retained by the original copyright holders.

The Licensee agrees not to reproduce or redistribute the ICE-GB Texts or to use all or any part of the ICE-GB Texts in any commercial product or service.

Copyright in ICECUP belongs to the Survey of English Usage. No part of ICECUP may be used in any commercial product or service.

Publications based on the ICE-GB Sample Corpus may include citations from ICE-GB Texts only in a way which would be permitted under the fair dealings provision of copyright law.

All publications based on the ICE-GB Sample Corpus must give credit to the ICE-GB Sample Corpus and to the Survey of English Usage, University College London. The research should clearly state that the ICE-GB Sample Corpus was used. We would strongly recommend, however, that publications would be better served by purchasing the full 500 Text ICE-GB Corpus from the Survey of English Usage.

The ICE-GB Sample Corpus may be distributed to a third party only in the form of the downloaded install package. Third parties may install this package on the condition that they register this installation with the Survey of English Usage, University College London and they send a signed and dated printed copy of this licence agreement to the Survey of English Usage.

The Licensee agrees to cooperate in any future enquiries made by the Survey of English Usage concerning the use of the ICE-GB Sample Corpus.

By downloading and installing the Sample Corpus you agree to the terms above.

Sample corpus
+ ICECUP 3.0

A 'ready-to-run' package, equivalent to the new (3.1) sampler, containing ten texts from ICE-GB, software, indexes and help files.

By downloading the sampler you are agreeing to our standard terms and conditions (see above - in summary: don't breach our copyright or those of our contributors).

Click on one of the numbered links below to start downloading.

Date of release Version zip exe expanded
25 November 1998 Minimum 1.19MB 1.26MB ~6MB
25 November 1998 Complete* 3.54MB 3.61MB ~10MB

*The complete version includes all help files, minimum version does not.

How to install

Use the stand-alone executable ('exe') version if your computer cannot handle 'zip' files. Windows ME, XP etc have zip support built into Windows.

  • When downloading, click Open. The executable will create a set of files in a temporary directory.
  • Run the Install program in the temporary directory. This will install all necessary files in two directories, one for the corpus and one for the software. You may change these from the default settings. It also creates entries in the Start Menu in a subfolder called 'ICE Corpora'.
  • When the install process finishes ICECUP will start.

With the compressed zip file version you can either expand into a temporary directory as above, or, with many modern zip programs, simply install directly.

NOTE: You do not now need to run the package with any parameters.

How to uninstall
To remove the software, delete the two directories you installed the software into, and remove entries from the ICE Corpora subfolder. You do not need to do anything else.


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