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UCL Mechanical Engineering's Dr Helen Czerski to deliver Royal Institution Christmas Lecture

8 September 2020

Ocean physicist Dr Helen Czerski from UCL Mechanical Engineering is one of three scientists who have been chosen to deliver the prestigious Royal Institution’s 2020 Christmas Lectures.

Dr Helen Czerski formal portrait outside.

Dr Czerski will join geologist Professor Chris Jackson and environmental scientist Dr Tara Shine to give a “user’s guide” to Planet Earth, exploring the hidden wonders of Earth that keep us all alive, as well as the impact of human activity on our planet.

 “It’s fantastic to be asked, along with Chris and Tara, to present this year’s Royal Institution Christmas Lectures," Dr Czeski commented. "My lecture will be on the global ocean, a subject that I really care about and spend a lot of time talking about. We rarely see the ocean presented to the public in a way that really showcases the gloriously complex and dynamic system that it is, and that is my aim." 

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  • Dr Helen Czerski. Credit: Royal Institution.