UCL Engineering


Festival of Engineering Themes

Engineers help create a healthier, safer, greener, happier, and fairer society.

Engineers create and develop the products and processes of the future in ways that are smarter, faster, and more flexible than currently possible.  The work of Engineers is directly connected to the achievement of key UN Sustainable Development Goals for Climate, Health, Data, and Inequality.

Explore the Festival Activities by Theme:


Engineers find innovative solutions for clean and renewable energy systems, carbon capture and storage and eco-friendly sustainable transportation - essential for tackling climate change. Find out more about how UCL is tackling climate change.

Health and well-being

Medical and biomedical engineers develop advanced healthcare technologies and services, finding solutions for clean water and sanitation, waste management and disease prevention. Find out more about how UCL is improving health and well-being.


Data engineering and analytics can be used to drive innovation, creating smart, sustainable cities of the future and efficient resource management Find out more about how UCL is working toward a data-empowered society.

Inequality and Injustice

Engineers can help reduce inequality by developing inclusive technologies, such as in education that benefit underserved and underrepresented communities. Find out more about how UCL is tackling inequality and injustice.