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CPD Doctorate in Educational Psychology

After 24 years of making a significant contribution to professional development, the DEDPsy has accepted it's last recruits for January 2023 and so will be gradually winding down.

The DEdPsy is a flexible 4-year research degree (minimum) tailored to meet the needs of HCPC registered, practising educational psychologists with at least one year's experience. We welcomed our twenty-fifth cohort in January 2023. The course combines a practical/applied focus with academic and research excellence, providing opportunities to carry out high-quality, applied research into important and complex issues in the range of contexts in which EPs work.

Advantages of the programme cited by previous course members include:

  • The opportunity to develop up-to-date applied research knowledge and to reflect on practice
  • The programme's professional relevance
  • The high quality of tutor support, expertise and of feedback offered
  • Highly Skilled, knowledgeable and supportive group administrators  
  • The flexibility and diversity of the programme
  • Opportunities to network with others from different organizations
  • Participation in Leading Edge Day conferences, led by expert researchers and innovative EP practitioners
Curriculum Content and the Timetable for Attendance
Research and Assignment Components
Tutor Team
Leading Edge Psychology Days
Graduate and Tutor Research at UCL
Graduate Study at UCL
Application Process
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Student Experience

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