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Leading Edge Psychology Days

Our annual UCL Leading Edge Psychology Day is organised on behalf of practitioner psychologist students on the UCL DEdPsy programme and usually takes place during March. The event is open to all EP practitioners across the country. Focusing on topical areas of EP practice, Leading Edge Days are led by nationally known keynote speakers and innovative practitioners, incorporating both research and practice components.

Forthcoming Leading Edge Days

Please watch this space for future Leading Edge Day event announcements.

Previously Held Leading Edge Days

To access slides and information from previously held Leading Edge Day Psychology days please click on the topic you are interested in below:

Children and young people growing up in poverty: what can educational psychology contribute?
Gender Diversity: what do EPs need to know and what can they do?
Children and young people in the digital age: what do EPs need to know?
What does resilience mean for educational psychologists? Concepts and applications
Austerity: How Should Educational Psychology Respond?
Educational Psychologists and Infant Mental Health
Educational Psychologists working for 16-25 year olds: What are the Possibilities?
The Changing Landscape of Special Educational Needs and Disability Legislation
Young People with Severe Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties
Persistent Non-Attendance at School: Anxiety, Phobia, Avoidance or ODD Behaviour