UCL Educational Psychology


Prof Ravi Das

Professor of Psychopharmacology, Educational Psychology Research Methods Tutor

BSc, MSc, PhD

Room: 217

Email: ravi.das@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Ravi Das

Ravi is a researching psychopharmacologist based in the sub-department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology and lecturer in Research Methods and Statistics on the DEdPsy and DECPsy courses.

Ravi studied for his BSc in Psychology, and MSc in cognitive neuroscience at UCL before completing his PhD in Psychopharmacology in the UCL Clinical Psychopharmacology Unit. Ravi’s research takes a translational and experimental medicine approach, with the aim of developing more effective treatments for addictions and anxiety disorders. Primarily, Ravi focuses on the mechanisms of memory plasticity, how these are involved in the development of addictive and anxiety disorders and how they can be leveraged using drug or behavioural interventions for clinical benefit. Particularly, Ravi is interested in the neuroscience, psychology and pharmacology of memory reconsolidation; the process whereby established memories become briefly unstable when retrieved before being re-stored in an updated form. By targeting memories while they are unstable, it is theoretically possible to modify the maladaptive memories that underpin cravings and relapse in addiction, fear in anxiety disorders or flashbacks in PTSD. Ravi’s other research interests include the phenomenology and effects of illicit drug use, and cognitive and mindfulness-based strategies in substance use disorders.