UCL Earth Sciences


Departmental Research Seminar Series

Seminar time: Friday at noon | Location: Kathleen Lonsdale Building Teaching Laboratory 126.

Seminar Organiser: Prof Eric Oelkers

Seminars - Term 2 (2018)





12 Jan
David Dobson
UCL (for) No Pain, Know Grain.
19 Jan
Tim Wright
University of Leeds Monitoring and Understanding our Hazardous Planet with Satellite Geodesy.
26 Jan
Philip Mannion Imperial College
Why the long face? Constraining 250 million years of decline on the.crocodile line’
02 Feb
Eva Stueeken
University of St Andrews
The record and role of early life in lakes.
09 Feb
Sylvan Bernard Natural History Museum, Paris Burial-induced oxygen-isotope re-equilibration of fossil foraminifera explains ocean paleotemperature paradoxes.
16 Feb
Reading week     No seminar
23 Feb
Georgina Bennett University of East Anglia 
Look up(slope)! Landslide control on river channel form and process.
02 Mar
David Wilson Imperial College (Geochemical Group Prominent Speaker)
Radiogenic isotopes tracing Quaternary climate processes: from continental weathering to ice sheet retreat.
09 Mar
Mike Walter University of Bristol The fate of deeply subducted carbonate.
16 Mar
Josh West

USC University of Southern California

Solid Earth degassing and (unexpected) weathering feedbacks: towards a nascent theory for glaciations?

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