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Harassment and Bullying

Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying at Work

The Department of Earth Sciences has clear policies on harassment in the workplace and in the field.

The Department has an anonymous online dropbox for any complaints. If you choose to submit a report anonymously, we will not be able to identify you or contact you, and so we are unable to give you any support or to initiate an investigation or formal process about your concerns. Anonymous reports enable us to build a picture of issues where people do not feel able to reveal personal information but would like the department to be aware something has taken place.  Anonymous reports provide statistical information, which is used to monitor trends at the Department of Earth Sciences and to inform our proactive and preventative work on tackling bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct.

If you use our internal reporting tool and include your name, we will talk to you about the issues raised and endeavour to resolve the situation.
If you wish to report an incident more formally, then the initial Departmental contact points are the Head of Department, the Department’s HR Manager, or the Department’s EDI lead.  If you wish to report an incident without going via the Department, then you can report both anonymously or via an advisor directly to UCL.

UCL Online Harassment Support Toolkit

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