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Resources for PhD students and supervisors

This site is intended for the use of the UCL Ear Institute’s research students and supervisors. It aims to provide a brief overview of the process for research degrees and a source of the most relevant forms. However, this is not a replacement for the full UCLl UCL guidance, research degree regulations and additional forms (e.g. those for Interruption of Study). You should also regularly check these at http://www.grad.ucl.ac.uk/essinfo/

Once you have completed any of the forms please always send a copy to ear.PGRadmin@ucl.ac.uk as well as to the address designated on the form.

  1. Admission of new research students to Ear Institute

      1.a  How to write an ATAS statement for your project

  2. Upgrade from MPhil to PhD

  3. Moving to CRS status

  4. Thesis writing and submission

  5. Viva Outcome and Alumni

  6. Typical Timetable for a full time PhD Student

Thesis Committees

For new students starting in academic year 19/20 and beyond, the Thesis Committee monitoring system has been introduced.