UCL Ear Institute


Moving to CRS status

If you have fulfilled the conditions set out below you may register as a ‘Completing Research Status’ (CRS) student while you write up your thesis.

  1. have upgraded to PhD status (in the case of the MPhil/PhD programme) or confirmed entry to MPhil only. MPhil candidates may also take up CRS under the same conditions as PhD candidates but will be required to confirm that they have not upgraded to PhD.
  2. have been registered for 3 years and be in a position to submit your thesis within 12 months (for full-time students) or have been registered for 5 years and be able to submit your thesis within 24 months (for part-time students). You will not remain registered as a student after the end of your CRS status so it is essential that you do not take up CRS unless you are ready to write up and are confident that you will meet this deadline.
  3. have met any other departmental or divisional conditions.

While on CRS status you will have continued access to UCL facilities and are not required to pay fees. In order to apply, your supervisor must email Registry (CC in ear.PGRadmin@ucl.ac.uk).