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TIPS Microspheres

TIPS microparticles

We have developed an innovative platform technology consisting of highly porous microspheres produced via thermally induced phase separation (TIPS), which offer a system for localized delivery advanced therapeutic medicinal products and an excellent substrate for cell attachment and tissue integration. 

The advantage of TIPS microspheres is their unique structure, comprising of radial pores and a porated skin, which provides both optimal conditions for rapid cell infiltration when implanted into tissue and mechanical strength to maintain an open scaffold structure to promote healing. These features help the material 'key' into tissue and avoid it being extruded from the implant site. The porous structure also prevents build-up of degradation products, which would result in unpredictable degradation via autocatalysis, and facilitates release of encapsulated active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Using our patented manufacturing process we have developed a variety of different sphere types. TIPS microspheres can be produced in a range of sizes and porosities.

Different sized TIPS microparticles

Because of the flexibility of the manufacturing process we can produce bespoke spheres designed to meet end user requirements. The process we have developed is robust, scalable process and qualified for manufacturing either research or clinical grade microspheres.

TIPS microspheres with different porosities