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TIPS microspheres for Tissue Scaffolds

TIPS microspheres are ideal for use as tissue scaffolds. When mixed into a paste they can be delivered minimally invasively as a conformable scaffold. The packed microspheres provide an open porous structure ideal for guiding tissue growth.

The unique features of TIPS microspheres facilitates tissue infiltration and retention at the implant site. Tissue is able to rapidly grow into the large pore on the surface of the microspheres, helping to 'key in' the microspheres at the implant site. Cells also grow into the smaller pores on the surface of the microspheres and migrate through the radial channels.

The porous structure of TIPS particles results in them rapidly integrating with host tissue

Based on these features, we are investigating the use of clinical grade TIPS microspheres as a Class III medical device for fistula repair. With funding from the Wellcome Trust we are conducting a first-in-human clinical safety study for the treatment of fistulas at University College London Hospital.

Please contact us if you are interested in collaborating or sourcing TIPS microspheres.