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Exploring new technologies and analytics for scholarly data, to help researchers

UCL Big Data Institute (BDI)
The UCL Big Data Institute explores innovative ways to better serve the needs of researchers, through the investigation of new technologies and analytics as applied to scholarly content and data.

The Institute is an innovation hub, based at UCL, founded with support from Elsevier. It tackles the challenges faced by researchers as they seek to forecast trends, synthesise information from thousands of research papers and show the potential societal impact of their research.

The research undertaken through the Big Data Institute forms part of the broader activities of the UCL Centre for Data Science. For UCL's data science-related news and events, visit the Centre for Data Science Website.

'Big Data' is a general term, referring to the huge volumes and varieties of data which have become ubiquitous in government, society and science. 




The Big Data Institute is making direct progress on big data applications

Research Staff

Research Staff

BDI Research Staff and their initiatives.

Academic visitors

Academic Visitors

Academic visitors funded through the Big Data Institute