Centre for Data Science


Centre for Data Science

Developing new theory and algorithms, to make sense of novel data

The UCL Centre for Data Science is a UCL-wide research and innovation initiative. We develop new mathematical and statistical theory, and quantitative and computational methods, to help make sense of large, complex data sets. Our work is helping to shape the emerging field of data science, and has application in a wide variety of scientific disciplines. 

Our researchers collaborate with several university, industrial, commercial and governmental partners, in the UK and internationally. Our major activities include academic and industry-focussed research, data science executive education, expert consultancy, and scientific workshops and conferences.

We also contribute actively to the public conversation around data science, and the opportunities and challenges it presents.



With increasing volumes of data being generated and processed by scientists, governments and the public, methods for acquisition, computation, analysis, storage, and retrieval must evolve to keep pace.

Latest News:


Symposium – Causal Inference 


The UCL Centre for Data Science is organizing a one-day symposium on causal inference on 22 November. The symposium will be held at De Morgan House in the London Mathematical Society. 

This symposium aims to bring together different researchers at UCL who work on or are interested in the different aspects of the theory and application of causal inference. It will also include external leaders in the field as keynote speakers, as well as members of the industry that make use of causal models and methods.

The symposium will start at 10:30am with a reception followed by a session on the application of causal inference at UCL. After breaking for lunch, it will reconvene at 2pm for the keynote talk and a second session on causal inference in machine learning. These sessions will be followed by a panel addressing the challenges and opportunities of using causal models. The closing reception will take place at 5:30pm.

The confirmed list of speakers is as follows: Professor Philip Dawid (University of Cambridge), Professor Silvia Chiappa (Google DeepMind and UCL), Professor Neil Davies, Dr Ben Deaner, Professor Karla Diaz-Ordaz, and Professor Arthur Gretton (UCL and Google DeepMind).

Please follow this link to register for the symposium.