Centre for Data Science



The UCL data science research community includes the people listed below. Their research encompasses a diverse range of techniques and theories designed to meet these challenges. Key research topics include the construction of mathematical models, the understanding of large data volumes, algorithms for the identification of patterns in heterogeneous datasets and the development of meaningful, scalable visualisation tools.


Director: Dr Kayvan Sadeghi 


Scientific Chair: Professor Ricardo Silva



If you are a UCL researcher and wish to be a member of the Center for Data Science, please contact us. 

NameRole  Email
Miss Samantha AhernSenior Digital Research Trainer  s.ahern
Dr Jake AndersAssociate Professor  jake.anders
Prof Folkert AsselbergsProfessorial Research Associate  f.asselbergs
Prof Jurg BahlerChair in Molecular Systems Biology  j.bahler
Dr Thomas BartlettLecturer  thomas.bartlett.10
Prof Alexandros BeskosProfessor in Statistics  a.beskos
Dr Francois-Xavier BriolAssociate Professor in Statistical Science  f.briol
Prof Tao ChengProfessor in Geoinformatics  tao.cheng
Dr Louise ChisholmStrategic Research Coordinator  l.chisholm
Dr Eric De SilvaAssociate Director for Research & Development  eric.desilva
Prof Petros DellaportasProfessor  p.dellaportas
Dr Claire EllulReader in Geographical Information Science  c.ellul
Dr Shlomit Flint AsherySenior Research Associate  shlomit.flint
Prof Jim GriffinProfessor of Statistical Science  j.griffin
Dr Rifat HamoudiHonorary Professor in Molecular and Computational Pathology  r.hamoudi
Dr James HaworthAssociate Professor  j.haworth
Prof Joseph HayesProfessor of Psychiatry  joseph.hayes
Dr Hilde HerbotsAssociate Professor  h.herbots
Dr Nicolas HernandezIMSS Senior Research Fellow  n.hernandez
Prof Gavin HeskethProfessor of Physics   gavin.hesketh
Dr Takoua JendoubiLecturer in Statistical Science (Teaching)  t.jendoubi
Prof Benjamin JoachimiProfessor of Astrophysics   b.joachimi
Dr Ieva KazlauskaiteIMSS Fellow  i.kazlauskaite
Dr Jeremias KnoblauchBiometrika Fellow  j.knoblauch
Dr Vasileios LamposAssociate Professor  v.lampos
Dr Brieuc LehmannLecturer  b.lehmann
Dr Sam LivingstoneAssociate Professor  samuel.livingstone
Prof Paul LongleyProfessor of Geographic Information  p.longley
Dr Logan ManikamClinical Senior Research Fellow   logan.manikam.10
Prof Ioanna ManolopoulouProfessor of Statistical Science  i.manolopoulou
Prof Konstantinos PetridesProfessor of Psychology and Psychometrics  k.petrides
Dr Nikolas PontikosPrinicpal Research Fellow  n.pontikos
Prof Carol RivasProfessor of Health and Social Care  c.rivas
Dr Patrick RockenschaubHumboldt Postdoc Fellow  patrick.rockenschaub.15
Dr F. Javier Rubio Lecturer  f.j.rubio
Dr Kayvan SadeghiAssociate Professor  k.sadeghi
Prof Anette-Eleonore SchragProfessor of Clinical Neurosciences  a.schrag
Prof Ricardo SilvaProfessor of Statistical Machine Learning and Data Science  ricardo.silva
Dr Maria SironiAssociate Professor  m.sironi
De Terry SooAssociate Professor  t.soo
Dr Phil SymondsLecturer in Built Environment Analytics  p.symonds
Dr Tasos VaroudisAssociate Professor  t.varoudis
Prof Wai Ho WongHonorary Senior Research Fellow  waiho.wong
Prof Jinghao XueProfessor of Statistical Pattern Recognition  jinghao.xue
Dr Masaru YarimeAssociate Professor  m.yarime
Dr Jialin YuResearch Associate  jialin.yu
Prof Shi ZhouProfessor of Network Science   s.zhou