Centre for Data Science


Discussion meeting on "The growing ubiquity of algorithms in society, impacts and innovations"

21 August 2017

The usage of algorithms and analytics in society is exploding: from machine learning recommender systems in commerce, to credit scoring methods outside of standard regulatory practice and self-driving cars. The rapid adoption of new technology has the potential to greatly improve citizens experiences but also poses a number of new challenges. This meeting will highlight opportunities and challenges in this rapidly changing landscape, bringing legal and ethics experts together with technologists to discuss implications, impacts and innovations. 

speakers include: Chloe-Agatha Azencott (Mines ParisTech), Ken Benoit (LSE), Christina Blacklaws (Law Society), Iain Bourne (ICO), Kay Firth-Butterfield (Executive Director at AI-Austin), Cat Drew (Uscreates), Rebecca Endean (BEIS), Mireille Hildebrandt (Vrije), David Madigan (Columbia University), Kobbi Nissim (Georgetown University), Chris Reed (QMUL), Geraint Rees (UCL), John Quinn (United Nations Global Pulse Lab), Hetan Shah (RSS).

There will be four discussion sessions:

  • Machine learning and the law
  • Algorithms, from regulation to privacy and trust
  • Algorithms with societal impact
  • Data analytics for human health.

To register your attendance, visit the Royal Society website:

Organising Committee:

Professor Sofia Olhede (UCL), Professor Neil Lawrence (University of Sheffield/Amazon), Professor Tony McEnery (ESRC), Professor Patrick Wolfe (Purdue University)