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Cruxopolis AKA The Hub

This cross-shaped city is the biggest and most metropolitan place in all of the You See All realm.

It sits at the epicentre of all 4 elemental zones that divide up the world: Fire, Earth, Water and Air. A bustling messy mix of conflicting architectural styles; both the seat of government, entertainment, commerce and crime. With libraries and grand villas overlooking farmland, filthy slums and markets. It is shaped like a giant cross, each arm leading to a division between the planes. It has 4 gates, one at the end of each arm of the cross where people travel far and wide to visit and trade.

Puzzle 1 (The Broken Gate) can be found here

Puzzle 12 (Power Cut) can be found here

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The Golden Citadel of Arght

This walled city is much smaller than Cruxopolis in both size and population, but it makes up for this in sheer material wealth. 

The city is made entirely out of wood but decorated with gold leaf inlay plundered from a nearby mine. The people who live here are part of a highly religious and exclusive sect of ‘painter monks’ who spend their entire lives producing beautiful artworks in monastic silence. The city shuns outsiders. The citadel is famous for its beautiful artworks, carvings and small-mindedness, although few have been within its hallowed walls and labyrinthine underground tunnels.

Puzzle 2 (A Golden Opportunity) can be found here

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Ruins of Grahndt

An ancient square building, now long lost to the elements of the encroaching desert.

Its columns depict strange long dead creatures, all eroding with time. Despite this it is not without life: Hoards of monkeys make it their home, ruthlessly attacking any would be adventurers. It is said that many creatures mysteriously migrate here at the end of life, becoming a kind of natural graveyard. Skeletons litter the ruins, as do many strange square stone boxes of unknown origin. 

Nobody knows who made the original building or what purpose the building was meant to have.

Puzzle 6 (Outside The Box) can be found here

Puzzle 11 (Monkey Business) can be found outside of here

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Petry Pyramids

These imposing monuments lie right at the edge of the great forest and the desert wastes. 

They jut out above the tree line and glint in the harsh sun. Its building is honeycombed with pathways and, as many would be graverobbers have discovered, ingenious boobytraps. It is said to contain the remains of an ancient royal family known as ‘The Petry’. To this day it is believed to be filled with other wordly goods. A single ancient hermit lives nearby in a small hut and offers tours of the pyramids but for reasons known only to her never after dark…

The sacred hieroglyphic language of the Petry is revealed here...

Puzzle 4 (The Caretaker's Game) can be found on the way to the pyramids

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The Springs of Uch

Out to sea a set of islands linked by bridges just off the dirty coasts of Cruxopolis. 

The islands have natural hot springs that supposedly have magic healing qualities. It is said that at night strange lights can be seen hovering over the islands, fairies, will-o-wisps or ghosts, nobody knows. There is a building in the centre which is used as a sanitarium for wealthy but ailing residents of Cruxopolis who are sent there when all else fails. The entire facility is run by a group of priestesses who live in caves along the coastline. They pray to a snakehead goddess and give their lives to healing… although there is something sinister about them... 

Puzzle 8 (Secret of Uch) can be found here

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The U-Stone Floating Gardens

A manmade jewel of verdant green floating out at sea. 

The Floating Gardens is a city sized garden, with one of every known plant growing on it. Huge glass structures act as greenhouses. The denizens of the U-Stone are a peaceful agricultural people, they sell their wares (from plants, potions, to lethal poisons) throughout the kingdom. The name comes from a mythical stone, known as the U-Stone. This magical jewel is said to make the island so bountiful and full of life. If the stone were ever stolen all the gardens would quickly die...

Puzzle 17 (Sword of the U Stone) can be found here

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The Buried Bloom Amphitheatre

The legend goes that there was once a terrible dragon known as ‘The Bloom of Flame’ it was finally slaughtered by a fearless shieldmaiden of legend and came to the great forest to die. Its bones slowly sunk into the ground becoming the surrounding hills and mounds. But the jaws of the ancient beast stayed exposed, slowly becoming a giant natural amphitheater. 

This strange formation is now known as ‘The Buried Bloom’ and is the meeting place for all the many peoples of the One Forest. Every month the elders gather here and try to sort disputes, establish law and gather for large dancing ceremonies and raucous festivals. It is also said this is where offerings and sacrifices are performed, although many deny this.

Puzzle 7 (A Dragon's Dentist) can be found here

Puzzle 9 (A Dragonstar) can be found here

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The Quadstone

A giant flat stone square covered in mysterious carved symbols now long eroded. Nobody knows exactly who built this out of rock from a distant mountain and carried it into the One Forest. 

Every month it hosts a giant market selling all kinds of strange produce, from magical creatures, tinctures and gemstones, to maps and charts. The tablet is a place to meet, learn and trade information with travellers from across the world of You See All. 

Puzzle 13 (A Page Turner) can be found here

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The Bent Elm

A skeleton of a giant being so old a great ancient tree has grown through and around it. The two are intertwined to the point you can’t distinguish where the skeleton ends and the tree begins!

The great ‘Bent Elm’ also known as ‘the ancient one’ is thought by some to be the remains of a primeval forest god. Many travellers will leave offerings for good fortune and safe passage before heading deeper into the forest.

Puzzle 16 (The Giant's Gift) can be found here

Discover the real life 'ancient one'

The Gorgon Forest

The trees of the Gorgon forest are terrifying to behold, if you look at them long enough they seem to have faces. 

There is no bird song and it is easy to become lost. Many say a thing known as ‘The Gorgon’ wanders the forest where it eats anyone who becomes lost amongst the trees! Strange symbols, and windchimes made of animal bones are hung amongst the trees of the Gorgon Forest. 

It is a place best avoided by all but the most hardy of adventurers.

Puzzle 3 (Rahbintagornath) can be found here

Puzzle 10 (The Gorgon's Hat) can be found here

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Tavix Tox Jungle

As you enter the Tavix Tox from the One Forest the trees begin to crowd in closer together, the air becomes humid and the sounds of birds, insects and wild animals increases. As you walk by you see houses and walkways built into the treetops. 

At night the jungle is prowled by terrifying beasts, by day it is full of hummingbirds and giant butterflies. Most of the fauna and flora in this forest are poisonous. It is inhabited by a carnivorous amphibious race who call themselves ‘The Mermaids of Tavix’ despite their hideous and frightening appearance.

Puzzle 5 (A Siren's Supper) can be found here

Puzzle 18 (Toxic Trouble) can be found here

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Mount Ridge

A mysterious natural rock formation formed by the collision between two tectonic plates pushing against each other. Along the jagged range of sharp rocks runs a crevasse where molten lava flows, making the whole ridge glow red at night. 

The heat emanating from this place makes it a difficult place to approach without adequate protection. It is said that fumes from Mount Ridge can cause dreamlike trances and premonitions and it is used in healing rituals by nomadic groups of fire priests.

Puzzle 14 (Riddle of the Fire Priests) can be found here

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Torrent Tongue

Deep in the fire-wastes in the middle of the desert there is a great geyser; A hole in the earth where boiling water spews from deep beneath the earth’s crust! This natural phenomenon is known as the torrent tongue. 

It is said that if you drink of the waters whilst they are still hot you can understand any spoken, written or signed language. For this reason in times of war it is known for armies divided by language to come and meet here, to try and come to an agreement. If the water cools before it is drunk then it is said the person will be afflicted with madness and lose the ability to speak forever.

Puzzle 15 (No Sense in Nonsense) can be found here

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