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For those who are struggling, particularly those who cannot walk in that other world and rely instead on a web of knowledge...

Here are a set of clues gleaned from the fire priests of Mount Ridge and the soothsayers of The Springs of Uch:

Puzzle 1 -The Broken Gate 

Location: Cruxopolis

Look at the letters with stars, could you make them into a word or a name of a place near the real world location?

Once you have them rotated in that way, could you make another word out of the letters on particular spokes, a word that would give you a letter?

Puzzle 2 - A Golden Opportunity

Location: The Golden City of Aught

Those rings rotate, if they rotated so some of the letters made a word or name maybe you would also get the shape of a letter.

What name? Well maybe you need to have a look through UCL's art collection and keep the mysterious 'inscription' in mind.

Puzzle 3 - Rahbintagornath

Location: The gorgon forest

Is there a real world marker or monument that sounds a bit like 'Rahbintagornath'? What about the fence around it, why not sketch the squares based on the shape of the fence and try and put the write words in.

Puzzle 4 - The Caretaker’s Game

Location: The Petry Pyramids

The caretaker's home has a cross... so in our world could it be a church? Can you find a carving that matches one of the images?

As for the Petrian language, it might be worth looking up the page for the Petri pyramids...

Puzzle 5 - A Siren’s Supper

Location: The Tavix Tox Forest

First you must see if you can find some mermaids... possibly ones that are holding shields. Now look closely at the sails on those ships. Get it?

Puzzle 6 - Outside the Box

Location: Ruins of Grandt

Find a set of windows in the real world that matches this diagram. Now count the panes. If you were to move from window to window based on the number of panes in the sequence would you make a shape?

Puzzle 7 - A Dragon’s Dentist

Location: The Buried Bloom

A trip to Bloomsbury Theatre is in order. But for those who can't here is a picture that might help you... something has been put up in one of the windows

Puzzle 7 - Hint Pic

Puzzle 8 - Secret of Uch

Location: The Spring of Uch

There is a sign by University College Hospital that looks rather familiar... you can just make it out on google street view...

Puzzle 8 - Hint Pic

Puzzle 9 - The Dragonstar

Location: The Buried Bloom

Priests of small things... could that be 'Nanotechnology'? Have a look at the signs nearby and see if you can work out what the stars might be representing.

Puzzle 10 - The Gorgon’s Hat

Location: The Gorgon Forest

There are some interesting building works going on around Gordon Square... 

Puzzle 10 - Hint Pic

Puzzle 11 - Monkey business

Location: The Ruins of Grahndt

Look for some Roman numerals above an arch...

Puzzle 12 - Power Cut

Location: Cruxopolis

The Shocked Man... wait what's that? What if I follow the numbers starting on the sun?

Puzzle 12 - Hint Pic

Puzzle 13 - A Page Turner

Location: The Quadstone

In the UCL quad is a inscription... what if you were to follow the inscription from start to finish on the image?

Puzzle 14 - Riddle of the Fire Priests

Location: The Mount Ridge

Those exclamation marks seem to match windows in the real world, but which ones? And what would be the preceding letter?

Puzzle 15 - No Sense In Nonsense

Location: The Torrent Tongue

Can you see a warning sign... something that matches the first and last line of the poor woman's ranting?

What about the middle three lines, could they be anagrams? Is there anything missing?

Puzzle 16 - The Giant’s Gift

Location: The Bent Elm

This may need some research! What is the Bent Elm in our world? And where did it once keep its head?

Puzzle 17 - Sword of the U Stone

Location: Tavix Tox Jungle

Everything in a mirror appears backwards, can you find anything in the area that would match the inscription and give you the last/first symbol?

Puzzle 18 - Toxic Trouble

Location: Petry Pyramids

What might you be looking for in the real world? Something round and blue, something with symbols that match the squares?