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CASPEN Visits 2019-2020

Name & InstituteDestinationHost ContactVisit DatesAimsOutput
Joshua Borrow (Durham ICC)Flatiron Institute, New York CCADaniel Angles-Alcazar16 - 22 Feb 2020Aims: to attend SIMBA workshop and discuss in-depth the porting of the SIMBA model to SWIFT (swiftsim.com). Previously I visited Daniel to discuss our ongoing inter-Lagrangian transfer project, leading to a publication (arxiv.org/abs/1910.00594), which inspired this follow-up visit, now to discuss the porting of the SIMBA sub-grid model to the new code SWIFT (which is orders of magnitude faster than the old code, arxiv.org/abs/1807.01341). Expected outcomes: (1) To  discuss the current challenges facing the porting of the code (2) To discuss the use of different hydrodynamics models within SIMBA (3) To work towards a publication describing the first full-scale external port of a cosmological sub-grid model to SWIFT. 
Carolina Cuesta-Lazaro (Durham ICC)Flatiron Institute, New York CCAShirley Ho9 - 11 Nov 2019To collaborate with researchers at the CCA to develop Machine Learning models applied to cosmology, exploring 2 possible applications: 1) Understanding the galaxy-halo connection, train machine learning models on hydrodynamical simulations to help reduce their computational cost and improve our understanding of the relation between galaxies and their hosts dark matter halos. 2) Explore different approaches to cosmological emulators to improve constraints on cosmological parameters, using as training set the recently published set of simulations that has been developed at the CCA.  
Suk Sien Tie (Ohio CCAPP)UCLAndreu Font-Ribera30 Sep - 6 Oct 2019I expect to learn enough about the Lya forest mocks and related simulation and measurement tools to be able to use them independently for estimating the expected three-point correlation function noise (3PCF) in DESI Lya forest data. The expected long term goal of this visit will be to produce a paper that will forecast DESI sensitivity in measuring the 3PCF of the Lya forest, building upon the published work of Tie et al. (2019) and using the noise estimates based on the DESI mocks. This future paper will include as co-authors the proposed UCL host, James Farr, and others who have contributed to the DESI London mocks.

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