Cosmoparticle Initiative


CASPEN Visits 2016 -2017

Name & InstituteDestinationHost ContactVisit DatesAimsOutput

Axel Widmark
(Stockholm OKC)

Flatiron Institute, New York CCA

David Hogg

18 - 30 Sept 2017

Stellar population statistics using hierarchical Bayesian models

PDF iconwidmark-report.2017.pdf


Lauren Anderson
(Flatiron Institute)


Andrew Pontzen

4 – 22 Sept 2017

Modelling the Lyman alpha forest for next-generation surveys

PDF iconanderson-report.2017.pdf

Suhail Dhawan (Stockholm OKC)


Hiranya Peiris & Jason McEwen

15 – 29 Aug 2017

Photometric classification algorithms for SN Ia with LSST and ZTF

PDF icondhawan-report.2017.pdf

Tanja Petrushevska (Stockholm OKC)

Stanford KIPAC

Manuel Meyer

15 – 24 Aug 2017

Correlating supernovae and GRBs to constrain axions

PDF iconpetrushevska-report.2017.pdf

Paper 1

Tim Linden
Ohio State CCA)

Stockholm OKC

Jan Conrad

18 June – 24 June 2017

Indirect dark matter detection, especially from annihilation in dwarf galaxies

PDF iconlinden-report.2017.pdf

Linda Cremonesi (UCL)

Ohio State CCA

Amy Connolly

17 June – 24 June 2017

Hardware diagnostics and testing for IceCube, ANITA-3, ANITA-4 and ANITA-5

PDF iconcremonesi-report-2017.pdf

Oindree Banerjee (Ohio State)


Ryan Nichol

19 April – 3 May 2017

Radio detection of UHE neutrinos with ANITA




PDF iconbanerjee-report-2017.pdf

paper 1

paper 2

paper 3

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