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CASPEN Visits 2018-2019

Name & InstituteDestinationHost ContactVisit DatesAimsOutput
Axel Widmark (Stockholm OKC)Ohio State CCAAnnika H. Peter12 - 16 Aug 2019An exploratory visit to investigate future collaborative projects that overlap with my research interests of dark matter particle phenomenology, dynamical mass measurements, and stellar population statistics, for example, a natural follow-up to my local mass measurements of the Milky Way disk.
Arka Banerjee (Stanford KIPAC)Flatiron Institute, New York CCAFrancisco Villaescusa-Navarro17 - 28 June 2019I plan to finish a paper on using halo environments to constrain neutrino mass with Francisco Villaescusa-Navarro,  and to have a concrete framework in place to build the void-galaxy emulators with Elena Massara possibly using the Quijote cosmological simulations run at the CCA.  I hope to start projects about Large Scale Structure, massive neutrinos or signatures of Self-Interacting Dark Matter.

Christian Setzer (Stockholm OKC)Flatiron Institute, New York CCAStehen Feeney5 - 19 May 2019To formulate a Bayesian framework for using optical observations of gravitational-wave electromagnetic counterparts to modify the priors used in searching gravitational-wave data for compact object merger signalsPDF iconcsetzer_report_2019.pdf
Chris Pedersen (UCL)Stockholm OKCKeir Rogers5 - 17 May 2019To work on constructing a Gaussian process emulator for the 1D flux power of the Lyman-alpha foresPDF iconchris_pedersen-report_2019.pdf
Joshua Borrow (Durham ICC)Flatiron Institute, New York CCADaniel Angles-Alcazar

7 - 20 April 2019

To look at the origin/physics behind inter-lagrangian transfer in the 100 mpc SIMBA box

Luisa Lucie-Smith (UCL)Stanford KIPACRisa Wechsler11 Feb - 1 March 2019

A machine learning framework to shed light on the physical origin of halo assembly bias

PDF iconllucie-smith-_report_2019.pdf
Andrew Robertson (Durham ICC)Ohio State CCAPPAnnika Peter10 - 15 Feb 2019To complete the Novel Probes of SIDM review paper and to explore future collaborations for testing a number of proposed probes of the nature of dark matter on cluster scalesPDF iconandrew_robertson-report_2019.pdf
Isabella Paola Carucci  (UCL)Flatiron Institute, New York CCAFrancisco Villaescusa-Navarro6 - 22 Feb 2019To  complete the project on the ‘linear point’ feature measured by intensity maps of the 21cm radiation, and to start a project on general cosmological information by looking at the large simulation suite at CCA


Martin Rey 
Flatiron Institute, New York CCATjitske Starkenburg21 - 27 Oct 2019How stellar kinematics of a galaxy are shaped by mergers, and  how different accretion histories affect the properties of a galaxy’s stellar halo

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