The Core Study


Reviews of practice

We would encourage your team to set up active monitoring of the impact of your service improvement plans. The CORE team will provide fidelity reviews six months and one-year after you start using the resource pack. We would also advocate your team using routine service data or setting up monitoring processes to look at the impact of specific service improvement initiatives, then sharing these within the team. Review events would provide an opportunity to feedback on achievements in a supportive, productive and affirming atmosphere. 

Service improvement initiatives will vary in the scale of their ambitions and the extent to which external factors may intervene. The emphasis is therefore not on judging relative performance of working groups' activity, but rather sharing what has happened and capturing the learning to inform the next steps.

Your team's Facilitator will work with the team and your manager to plan the best way to review the team's progress with the process. A whole-team review away day can be a good investment of time, as it serves both to celebrate achievement, and a reflection and learning opportunity - ensuring that ongoing improvement work is sustainable and on-track. More regular team meetings can also be used for briefer feedback and planning.