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Transformative Technology

Our scientists and engineers take discoveries from life and medical sciences, brain sciences, engineering (civil, mechanical, electrical and electronic), biosciences and many other disciplines, mix them together and add their own innovations. You can tap into this rich source of knowledge and creativity to enhance organisation success by producing transformative solutions.
Craters on the moon

UCL plays leading role in lunar landing site selection

Academics from UCL’s Department of Space and Climate Physics at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory have recently helped NASA assess lunar landing sites for the ambitious Artemis program.

Hyundai Fuel Cell car

Hyundai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Engine, and the Advanced Propulsion Laboratory

UCL Advanced Propulsion Lab identify most polluted London streets to map route for Hyundai NEXO to clean air.

Dr Michael Emes - European Space Agency

Space – maybe there are no final frontiers

The global space sector, like space itself, is big. And, just like the universe, the industry is expanding.

Icon for What is Blockchain? online course

The Future of Business: Understanding Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology

Discover how DLT and blockchain technology is used to solve complex business problems and find out why it's transforming business.

UCL Engineering Sciences and Newgiza University collaboration

Newgiza University & UCL collaborate

One of the Middle East and North Africa’s most innovative new universities is to launch a School of Engineering, developed in collaboration with UCL.


Super Resolution Radial Fluctuations (SRRF) - UCL pioneers algorithm in microscopy

Microscopy has been the major tool for studies of cells and one of the main driving forces for life sciences research