UCL Consultants Ltd


Work with UCL Consultants

UCL Consultants offers a bespoke academic consultancy service, providing a gateway to expertise from within UCL.

UCL's knowledge base is built on over 6,500 academic and research staff covering a broad range of research areas, reflecting UCL's status as one of the world's leading multi-disciplinary universities. 

We work with you to identify the talent and resources at UCL that will provide the best fit for the needs of your project.

We make it easy to engage and deliver

We enable your organisation and UCL’s academics to work together by providing a single point of contact for:
  • Account management
  • Contracting and finance support
  • Project management
  • Programme design
Our facilitation is designed to ensure the successful delivery of your projects.
Find out how we can work with you to develop solutions to meet your needs: info@uclconsultants.com