UCL Consultants Ltd


Testing & Analysis

We provide companies of all sizes with access to UCL's world-class laboratory equipment and facilities, with optional hire of accompanying expertise, such as a range of testing and analysis services.

The services which we offer reflect the breadth and depth of UCL's research capabilities. This can span from independent result replication to collaborative prototype generation.
We have grouped a selection of our facilities into four overarching areas. Use the links below to view a selection of the facilities available at UCL.
Life Sciences

UCL undertakes a large variety of life science work across the University.  From testing heart values to elemental microanalysis, UCL's strength and breadth in the life sciences means we can undertake a wide variety of testing and analysis projects and tailor them to suit your needs.

Built Environment

UCL has facilities to test the environment you are looking to create and to measure their impact on the people who live and work in the built environment.  UCL has tested a wide variety of surroundings, from how people board trains to onsite environmental monitoring and are here to help provide innovative solutions to projects with complex testing requirements. 

High Tech Manufacturing

UCL has extensive experience in designing and creating unusual materials and devices.  Working from nanotechnology to the space industry, we can support prototyping that is pushing the boundaries of engineering and material science.

Specialist Engineering

UCL is home to a wide selection of bespoke and unique equipment, especially designed to push forward the boundaries of human knowledge.  Ranging from our virtual reality suite to large scale bioprocessing, UCL has pioneered and developed their facilities to create a world-class, multidisciplinary collection of facilities to support your project.