UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


Research tools

Gloved hand operating USD ultra scale-down device

Ultra scale-down

Bringing cost-effective and scalable biomanufacturing into the lab, addressing the need for robust, low-cost initial studies in early-stage process development.

Microfluidics research team at UCL Biochemical Engineering


Focusing on the translation of bioprocessing concepts into microfluidic or mesofluidic systems, using expertise in advanced microfabrication techniques for polymers, glass and silicon.

UCL Biochemical Engineering cells on slide with filter

Cell & Gene Therapy

Challenge-led research addressing biomanufacturing and bioprocessing issues to successfully translate and scale-up advanced-therapy medicinal products including cell, gene and regenerative therapies

hand writing on notebook

Decisional Tools

Integrating business and process models to maximise investments and deliver affordable medicines