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Programmes, courses and personalised training can be designed from one or more of the eight expert domains below.
AI & Data Consultancy

Artificial Intelligence & Data

We offer new perspectives on the risks and opportunities in the digital domain by combining our electrical engineering, big data and analytics expertise with our leadership in digital culture and human centred design plus know-how on the potential of emerging technologies.

Behaviour of People and Organisations Consultancy

Behaviour of People & Organisations

Our expertise in this domain is grounded in management disciplines, brain and social sciences to provide organisations with fresh insights into what truly engages, motivates and drives people and the customers they serve.

Education Consultancy


The UCL Institute of Education is recognised as the world’s leading centre for education research, supporting education institutions, employers, government agencies, curriculum authorities and policy makers.

Energy and Sustainability

Energy & Sustainability

You can draw on our inter-disciplinary expertise including, energy systems modelling, design and integration, sustainable cities, environmental systems engineering and geotechnical engineering. Likewise the Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources provides world class expertise on climate change, energy security and the sustainable use of natural resources.

Real Estate and Infrastructure

Real Estate & Infrastructure

UCL recognises the richness and diversity of the value that real estate and infrastructure generates. Our centres such as the Bartlett Real Estate Institute enable delegates and organisations to evaluate real estate critically within a broad societal, economic and environmental context.

Society Culture and Environment

Society, Culture & Environment

UCL’s expertise extends from anthropology to art, and theatre to zoology. We use our expertise and energy to foster a culture of disruptive and critical thinking and create an environment that encourages the new ideas and invention needed to tackle the biggest challenges that face us.

Therapeutic and Clinical Innovation

Therapeutic & Clinical Innovation

We provide highly specialist programmes bringing together multidisciplinary expertise in areas such as neurology, surgery, epidemiology and public health, dentistry, dementia, pharmacy, medicine, clinical trials and oncology.

Transformative Technology

Transformative Technology

Our scientists and engineers take discoveries from life and medical sciences, brain sciences, engineering (civil, mechanical, electrical and electronic), and biosciences to create transformative solutions.

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