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Energy & Sustainability

You can draw on our inter-disciplinary expertise including, energy systems modelling, design and integration, sustainable cities, environmental systems engineering and geotechnical engineering. Likewise the Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources provides world class expertise on climate change, energy security and the sustainable use of natural resources.
Exract from the London Solar Opportunity Map - GLA

London Solar Opportunity Map launched by Greater London Authority

The London Solar Opportunity Map created by UCL Energy Institute has been launched by GLA, showing the energy potentially available from photovoltaic (PV) installations or heat from thermal collectors

photo of london map showing energy efficiency

GLA commission team from UCL to develop the London Building Stock Model

As part of the London Mayor’s commitment to reducing fuel poverty & increasing the energy efficiency of buildings, the GLA commissioned a team from UCL to develop the London Building Stock Model

Hong Kong shipping image

IMO talks edge towards climate goals

"the shipping industry must be reducing emissions as soon as possible" says UCL Energy's Dr Tristan Smith for an article on recent International Maritime Organisation HQ (IMO) talks on greenhouse gas targets

UCL MaaS Report

UCL MaaS report highlights alternatives to car travel in London

From Bangkok to Beijing and Los Angeles to Lagos, our cities are traffic-jammed. Every hour of every day, millions of people try to reach millions of places to love, work and relax - by foot, bicycle, car, bus, tram, taxi and train.