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Behaviour of People and Organisations

Our expertise in this domain is grounded in management disciplines, brain and social sciences to provide organisations with fresh insights into what truly engages, motivates and drives people and the customers they serve. We help organisations achieve the behaviour change they need to deliver results, and provide opportunities for their people to adapt and grow.
Prof Joe Devlin Consultancy

Sitting in the cinema counts as a light workout, scientists find

'Scientists at University College London (UCL) said that a trip to the cinema could be as good for your health as a “light form of cardio” exercise.' - Read more on The Times

Professor Vincent Walsh - Oploft standing desk

Oploft sit-stand desks trialled at UCL

Vincent Walsh, Professor of Human Brain Research was approached by Posturite to carry out a series of behavioural experiments for a group of typically sedentary office workers.

Professor Joe Devlin Neuromarketing

UCL launches neuromarketing course

Neuromarketing (sometimes called consumer neuroscience) has become a hot topic in recent years. However, what it can and can't measure is often clouded in hype, and some marketing agencies may be exaggerating what they can do in this field.

Professor Joe Devlin - Audible

UCL & Audible: the Neuroscience of Narrative

Which is better, the book or the movie? - UCL's Professor Joe Devlin, Head of Experimental Psychology and Vice-Dean (Enterprise), UCLC and a team from Audible find out.

Professor Joe Devlin - Encore Tickets

Going to the theatre can have the same impact on your heart as 30 mins of cardio exercise

Watching a live theatre performance can stimulate your cardiovascular system to the same extent as doing 28 minutes of healthy cardio exercise, a new study has found.

Professor Vincent Walsh - Dunlop

Performance under stress is a make-or-break skill in the modern world

To better understand the human element of performance, Dunlop Tyres and KINC agency, commissioned a study led by Prof. Vincent Walsh to explore the psychological factors that enable effective performance under pressure.