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Hyundai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Engine, and the Advanced Propulsion Laboratory

UCL Advanced Propulsion Lab identify most polluted London streets to map route for Hyundai NEXO to clean air.

Hyundai NEXO vehicle demonstration outside UCL Portico

2 August 2019

Led by Dr Michael Whiteley, researchers used open source data from King’s College London pollution study. Analysis of heat maps to look at mean NO2 and PM levels in central London and out to east London including areas with large amounts of development work. The research found the most congested and polluted streets to exceed EU limits.

Contracted via UCL Consultants, the car then took to the road following the route, cleaning the air as it went. The video below demonstrates the polluted air entering the car, with zero emissions leaving the tailpipe.

Vimeo Widget Placeholderhttps://vimeo.com/295975900

Dr Michael Whiteley, Head of Fuel Cell Engineering at UCL’s Electrochemical Innovation Lab said: “The recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) indicates that much more needs to be done to mitigate negative climate change.

Our research into fuel cell technology has found it to be a promising transport solution to consider as an alternative to fossil fuel dependent cars and battery electric vehicles which have long charging times. Our research stretches from fundamental material science to full automotive fuel cell power systems for automotive applications. Going forward, we’re building an advanced propulsion facility where we will develop and evaluate hybrid, battery and fuel cell powertrains for automotive applications.”

UCL Advanced Propulsion Lab are expanding and relocating to UCL East. Dr Jason Millichamp (Specialist Laboratory & Workshop Planning Manager, UCL East) said: "Our team is expanding its capabilities, and through working with major manufacturers on innovative projects such as this, we are demonstrating the demand for and potential of the future Advanced Propulsion Lab facilities at UCL East."



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