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Student Research Connection in Condensed Matter and Materials Physics


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This unique event brings together students from across UK universities and connects them with top researchers in the field of Condensed Matter and Materials Physics. We want to give students a chance to meet academics, see lab facilities, talk about career opportunities and deepen their interest in the topic.  We hope this to be the first of recurrent annual events which gives students on various programmes an opportunity to meet and share their curiosity as well as develop links to academia and industry.   

This event will be hosted virtually, so participants from across the country can join and learn about the exciting and cutting-edge science that is being conducted in this field. Lab tours, talks and other networking events will be held in the afternoons of 14th and 15th February 2023 to showcase the fabulous world of Condensed Matter and Materials Physics. 

In particular, we are honoured to be able to invite the winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics Prof. Sir Kostya Novoselov to give a special talk on graphene research. 

The event content will be targeted at 3rd and 4th year undergraduates and postgraduates in physics, who have taken university courses in the field of CMMP.



Please sign up on this link on eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/student-research-connection-condensed-matter-and-material-physics-tickets-490483137267 

Please get tickets for "Standard Registration" if you are attending both days of the conference, and the one day tickets if you can only attend one day of the event.


Date: 14 and 15 February 2023 (Tuesday and Wednesday)
Time: 1pm to 6pm

Location: Gather Town


The following details are provisional and are subject to change.

Tuesday 14th February





Keynote talk on the role of central facilities in CMMP research

Prof. Paolo Radaelli, University of Oxford


Live tour of Diamond Light Source, the UK’s synchrotron X-ray facility including flash talks on current science

Prof. Sarnjeet Dhesi, Dr. Cephise Cacho, Dr. Alessandro Bombardi, Dr. Larissa Ishibe Veiga, Dr. Mirian Garcia-Fernandez


Coffee break



Tour of ISIS, the UK’s Neutron and Muon source including talks on accelerator physics and an overview of current science at ISIS

Dr. Pascal Manuel, Dr. Aleksandra Krajewska, Dr. Haroon Rafique


Virtual pub



Wednesday 15th February

13:30Keynote talk on applied materials researchProf. Chris Howard, University College London
14:00Nobel Prize Winner special talk on grapheneProf. Sir Kostya Novoselov, University of Manchester
14:30Talk on SmartIR, a graphene start-up companyDr. Margherita Sepioni,  CEO of SmartIR
15:00Talk on Materials modellingProf. David Bowler, University College London
15:30Talk on fundamental research beyond grapheneDr. Chris Stock, University of Edinburgh
16:00Coffee break 
16:15Talk on opto-electronicsDr. Akshay Rao, University of Cambridge
16:45Tour of the Cambridge opto-electronics laboratory 
17:15Virtual pub 




Please see below for a booklet for talks' abstracts.



PhD Calls

The Diamond Light Source, who will be giving a tour of their state-of-the-art facilities, are also advertising for two funded PhD positions. Please see below for more details. Members of Diamond Light Source would also be present during the event to answer any inquiries you have about the positions.




Dr. Monika Szumilo, Dr. Roger Johnson, Kelvin Ho, and Xiang Cheng

Any questions, please feel free to get in touch: m.szumilo@ucl.ac.uk or roger.johnson@ucl.ac.uk