UCL Institute of Clinical Trials and Methodology


Feng -Shou Pai

Your Time at UCL

As international student, what attracted you to study MSc Clinical Trials at UCL? 

Quality by Design is what I believe when conducting clinical trials. That’s the reason why I chose to study MSc in Clinical Trials at UCL ICTM to enrich critical knowledge and practical skills.

Describe your experience with online learning.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in year 20/21, all modules were delivered through Connected Learning. The learning materials were available to be previewed one week in advance; therefore, the live session could focus on the trial scenario-based group discussion. Pre-class preparation allowed us to flexibly manage our weekly schedules and to bring the supporting evidence of our viewpoints.

Describe your experience as Student Representative.

As an international student, volunteering as one of the student representatives also helped me to familiarize how to cooperate with the classmates from cross-cultural background.

How will your education at UCL Institute of Clinical Trials & Methodology contribute to your future career in clinical trials?

This one-year master’s degree was like the essential nutrients fertilizing the seeds. I was glad that this experience bridged my career development from Taiwan to the United Kingdom.