UCL Institute of Clinical Trials and Methodology


Social & Leisure

Social Committee

The MRC CTU at UCL Social Committee is made up of members from across the Unit and is responsible for planning our social activities.

The group has previously organised seasonal parties, such as Summer and Christmas parties, and social gatherings to celebrate notable events such as staff retirements. They also raise funds for various charities through events such as quizzes, and through creating and selling themed recipe books.

Events are normally advertised via Unit-wide emails and the Weekly News.  If you would like to join the Social Committee or have any queries or suggestions then please email the Social Committee.

ICTM Social Committee Members:

Adam Gregory, Helen Smith, Connor McAlpine, Georgia Marley, Lindsay Thompson, Alex King, Lara Monkiewicz, Henry Bern and Alyson Macneil.

Coffee Club

There is one Coffee Club at 90 High Holborn that anyone in MRC CTU at UCL or CCTU is welcome to join. There are 2 types of Coffee Club membership - full membership at £2.50/month or milk only membership at £1.00/month (all pro rata for part-timers). Coffee club membership does not include milk for breakfast cereals.

There are 2 important lists in the kitchen (on the fridge with the Coffee Club milk):

- one lists 2 "volunteers" per week to buy all the supplies: milk (green and red), regular and de-caff tea bags, instant (regular and decaff) coffees, and sugar. We roughly consume 4x 4 pints of milk a day (3 green, 1 red). On the Monday of your week, please arrange to collect the cash box from the volunteers for the previous week. If you cannot do the week you are allocated, please arrange to swap with someone on a week you can do. Please write the agreed swap up on the list.

- the other list shows the club members and how much you've paid. Please check who is on the rota for the current week and take any payment to them, then tick yourself off after you've paid. Please pay for annual leave periods (we all get the same annual leave in Coffee Club).

If you would like to join, please sign yourself up on both lists. For more information, contact Marion Hall or Claire Cook .

Book Club

The MRC CTU at UCL Book Club is open to everyone and meets approximately every month over lunch.

Members take turns in picking books for the club to read and then discuss at the next meeting. The group read a wide variety of fiction from Graham Greene to Chinua Achebe; from recently written books and classics.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact Sola Popoola who will be able to give you more information and let you know the title of the current book.