UCL Doctorate In Clinical Psychology


Useful Research weblinks

This is a miscellaneous collection of external websites that are useful for clinical psychology research projects.


  1. Intute general psychology internet portal

Literature reviews

  1. Cochrane library of systematic reviews
  2. Pubmed database
  3. Google Scholar
  4. Guidance on doing a literature review from York Centre for Systematic Reviews


  1. RDinfo: National Institute for Health Research site for health and social care researchers


  1. American Psychological Association ethics code
  2. BPS code of ethics and conduct
  3. The Department of Health's Research Governance Framework
  4. National Research Ethics Service (NRES)


  1. Online Psychology Research facilitates online recruitment.

Measures and methods

  1. ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation (includes a useful test locator)]
  2. Experiential therapy research site (has some downloadable measures, including the Shapiro Personal Questionnaire)
  3. Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Writing up

  1. APA style
  2. CONSORT statement for reporting RCTs
  3. TREND statement for reporting non-randomised trials
  4. Statistics done wrong: how to avoid some common statistical errors